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Our Mission and Audience

The mission of InsideRadiology is to be the leading Australasian resource on clinical radiology tests, procedures, and interventions, providing up-to-date information to health consumers and health professionals and improving doctor-patient communication. InsideRadiology has two key audiences: health consumers (patients, their families and friends); and health professionals (referring clinicians and allied health professionals). InsideRadiology is a... View Article

Item development

InsideRadiology provides information items that have been written by radiologists or other health professionals who are experts in their field. The items have then been edited by a team of specialised consumer writers to ensure they have been made as easy to understand by health consumers, patients and carers as possible. All the information material... View Article


Disclaimer RANZCR® is not aware that any person intends to act or rely upon the opinions, advices or information contained in this publication or of the manner in which it might be possible to do so. It issues no invitation to any person to act or rely upon such opinions, advices or information or any... View Article


InsideRadiology Editors, Authors and Reviewers Ms Ann Revell Consumer Representative Prof Grant Russell MBBS, FRACGP, PhD Monash University Ms Charlotte Bolcskey BA, Grad Dip Prof Graham Buirski MRCS, LRCP, MBBS, MRCP(UK) FRCR, FRANZCR, MD Australian National University Dr Jenny Bramley B.Sc(Med), MBBS(Hons), FRANZCR, Grad Dip Bus Admin. Canberra Imaging Group Prof Stacy Goergen MBBS, FRANZCR, M.Clin.Epi. Monash Health, Monash University Dr Jason Wenderoth BSc, MBBS (Hons I),... View Article




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