Paediatric Radiology

Paediatric (or pediatric) radiology is a subspecialty of diagnostic radiology focused on children, from babies through to adolescents and young adults. Adolescents are referred to paediatric radiologists because developing bodies are more susceptible to the adverse effects of radiation than are adults of equivalent size.
Paediatric radiologists have specialised knowledge of the illnesses and medical conditions of infants, children and young people. They can quickly and accurately diagnose conditions such as appendicitis and pneumonia, the effects of trauma, or if a child may have a form of cancer.
The use of imaging techniques with children can prevent the need for exploratory surgery.

Paediatric radiology employs a range of techniques such as:

Paediatric radiologists are highly trained to understand which tests are most appropriate for the child, and to make sure the testing is safe and carried out properly.
If your child needs a medical imaging test or procedure, we have some advice on how the experience can be made less stressful for the whole family.

Paediatric imaging tests include:

Useful resources for parents:


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