Patients can find examinations, investigations or taking images (or pictures) of an intimate nature, i.e. involving the breasts, genitalia or rectum particularly intrusive.

If you’re worried that you may feel this way during a procedure, please inform the facility where you are having the procedure, or your doctor, and they will organise a ‘chaperone’ for you.

A formal chaperone is usually a health professional who has been appropriately trained and will have completed a criminal record check – both are requirements for them to be a chaperone.

They are available to provide support (emotional and sometimes physical) to you as well as to witness that the examination is performed in an appropriate and professional manner.

If you request a chaperone and none is available at that time, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule your appointment within a reasonable timeframe. Your doctor will discuss this with you, and a decision to continue or otherwise should be reached together.

Page last modified on 9/5/2017.

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